Beachtown Exile II

by Beachtown Exile

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Recording over the holiday season of December 2014/early January 2015 at the Meat Locker....again.
Thanks to the Lads for helping make this session happen, twas a blast to move things forward with this one coming soon....
- LM


released March 1, 2016

Liam McArdle - Guitars, Keys, Vocals
Luke Graves - Drums & Percussion
Collin Carnegie - Bass
Engineered & Mixed by Tristan Henderson
Violin on "Nowhere To Go" played by Eva Sterk
Mastered by Josh Bonati in New York City

Out on NYK Records



all rights reserved


Beachtown Exile Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: I Would & I Should
My head is shakin' and I'm starting to spin
A little worried you won't let me in
If there's a reason that I shouldn't live,
What is it really that you want me to give

I can't see straight and that isn't a lie.
You won't believe me but you know I will cry.
Is there something I don't know.
What is it really that you want me to show?

Do I even know my way home? Would you let me go all alone?

Yes I would and I know that I should.

If it's the last time I'll hear your voice
I'll tell you something and you leave me no choice
Really don't know what I should say, that would
change your mind and let me stay

I had a real bad night, won't you let me, put my feet up and relax
I said I'm sorry, didn't hear me said, I'm sorry, you won't believe me.

Yes I would and I know that I should.
Track Name: Nowhere To Go
I had nowhere to go and I couldn't stay cuz nothing felt quite right.
And I packed up my bags and I got on a plane with a better life in mind.
I had all sorts of dreams and thoughts to chase, I wanted to see the light.
What did I know about leaving my whole life behind?

With all I knew, which wasn't much, I know I'd had enough
Of all the waste, the lies and greed that people seem to love so much.
I thought when I came it would go away, but it wasn't what I found.
So much useless noise, such impatient sounds,

So many strange things that defy my expectations, so many
wonderful things that make going home so much worse.

I thought licking my wounds would help, but before I go, I got a message for you and it says: Bye Bye, cuz you made me cry. I thought this place and it's people were nice. Now I know better, but I can't go home, can't settle down where you feel alone. I'm doomed to travel round and walk this earth, with no purpose in mind, only people to hurt.
Track Name: Feeling Useless
Feeling useless today won't go on anyway, don't care much about myself.
Tell myself foolish lies and to my surprise, others believe the things that I say.
If you need me, won't you call on me.

There's a feelin' tonight, that nothing's quite right. Where I can't place it exactly. I could tell you what I feel, would make it oh so real, wouldn't want you to think less of me.

Since you need me, you oughta call on me.

There's that feeling of sin, that comes from within. I want it all for myself.
Selfish cries, crying eyes, that's all you'll hear from me today.

You know need me, you better call on me.
Track Name: In The Summer
In the summer, watch the rain.
In the summer, feel no pain.
Keeping calm is all you can do, time rocks slow and so should you
take a breath it might make your day, let yourself know, that you're all gonna be okay.

Lonely monster, take off your chains.
Lonely monster, you don't have to explain.
Take more chances, try not to complain.
Do me one more favor, and stay sane.

I told a few a lies and I'm sorry for that.
They were just to protect you from that, which you can't ignore, that you'd can't explain, Now you know, what it feels like, to go insane.