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released November 11, 2015

Liam McArdle - Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Luke Graves - Drums & Percussion
Collin Carnegie - Bass
Guest Vocal on "No Use in Sittin' Around" by Emmett O'Reilly
Engineered and Mixed by Tristan Henderson
Mastered by Adam Gonzalves @ Telegraph Audio.
Artwork by Ariana Sauder
Released on NYK Records



all rights reserved


Beachtown Exile Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: In My Soul
I’ve got a sunken feeling in my heart and at what point will my life truly start
I can’t keep dreamin’ of where I’ll never go, if I don’t make things right and do what I love so
Gotta live in the here and love in the now
I know what it’s like to live in the past. The truth is enjoy the moment while it lasts.
You asked me darling if I was alright. I answered yes cuz I’ll be strong tonight.
It’s okay baby because I will survive. You’re not only thing keeping me alive.
Imagination running wild, around I’m like a child. So happy and helpless, simple and free
Now you know what you mean to me.
I’ve got an empty feeling in my soul. I spilled my guts to you and now it’s taking its toll.
After I sing this song I know what I must do.
Track Name: No Use In Sittin' Around
No use in sitting around and hoping, making the time pass slow.
Distract yourself with the things that you love, just so you can show that you’ll be alright.
No use in thinking about what could have been you still got a few years left
Distract yourself with the things that you love just so you can show that you’ll be alright.
Wonder what I should do in my spare time, if I could think in peace I’d let it be
But I have to sit here and waste and go out of my mind, waiting for that opportunity.
I know I should focus but I just can’t think straight. How can I let them know? That things aren’t as a bad
as I’m out to make them, I exaggerate you know, but I’ll be alright
But I’ll be alright
But I’ll be alright.
Track Name: I'm So Sorry
Oh I’m so sorry about how I feel. If this is real than it won’t be goodbye, but I’m still gonna cry.
Oh I’m so sorry about what I’ve done. I didn’t mean to be hurting you so, now I’ll let you go.
Oh I’m so sorry about what happened. You didn’t mean to be loving me so, now you have to go.
Track Name: Different Stories
I can’t believe what you would’ve done to be with me, if that’s what I wanted you to see.
I can’t deny, that I wouldn’t lie, but I don’t even have to try, which makes it all the better.
You’re not nice, but it doesn’t really matter cuz everybody’s got a different story.
What we were playing was truly a game about how fast it takes to make the other go insane.
There are winners and losers, beggars and choosers, that’s why love is just a terrible little game.
That’s not true! Then you’ve never really been there. Aren’t you tired of being a liar?
Don’t you want those good vibrations? But I’ve got a very different story. But I’ve got a very different story.
Track Name: Pretending
She went to school, cuz somebody told her it was the right thing to do.
With her dreams all crushed and her professional life ensues.
He went to school cuz somebody told him it was better than feelin’ alone without the pretty girls.
They didn’t feel they could make their own choices, what about what they wanted to do? You should listen to yourself because you should just do what works for you .
Track Name: Always Tryin' To Get Back
Always trying to get back to that comfortable place when our lives weren’t always about some silly little race, which makes us feel worthless, makes it feel pointless, makes me feel like nothing at all.
And we’re always trying to get back, always trying to get back, always trying to get back to you
We’re never gonna go back to that beautiful place where nothing really happens in our time and space.
Although I’ve been called a liar whose got no reason to by crying. But what if I’m right?
And we’re always trying to get back, always trying to get back, always trying to get back to you
We were warm and uninspired. Nothing or no one to taint our desires. Can you tell me man? Why I got out of this hole? I don’t remember being consulted.